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The Not-for-Profit Industry

A not-for-profit organization is defined in the public’s eye by its mission. But successfully fulfilling that mission requires careful financial stewardship, risk management, and the internal controls and compliance that will stand up to scrutiny by donors and other observers.

The members of Mabstac’s Not-for-Profit Practice specialize in working closely with the boards and management of these organizations so that they have a best-practice approach to their critical financial and operational functions. In addition to the standard array of accounting and tax services, we help not-for-profits identify cost and workflow inefficiencies, implement appropriate internal controls, and manage capital and planned giving campaigns.

We help NFPs navigate funding challenges and program administration.

Experience and Solutions

We become familiar with all aspects of each client and its environment in order to be effective and provide quality services to our clients. Whether its be audit, accounting, tax or advisory, a complete understanding of the entity is essential. We are able to offer timely solutions to your challenges because our employees remain connected with clients throughout the year. Our professionals will be seen, they will listen, and provide the necessary interconnections which drive successful outcomes.

Our Not-for-Profit (NFP) Practice is dedicated to serving tax-exempt organizations by providing a mixed of services, which include accounting, tax, and advisory services, to help NFP organizations maintain compliance and focus on revenue and support generating activities. We have particular expertise with several not-for-profit organizations, including:

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