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Audit Readiness Services


Audit readiness is imperative because it helps to drive an efficient (timeliness) and effective (cost savings) audit. Because we are auditors, we know what auditors require to complete an audit. We will use our experience with financial statement audits to reduce your pain and increase the chances of a smooth audit.

Services includes:

  • Audit readiness training
  • Audit readiness gap analysis
  • Develop an audit readiness project plan
  • Monitor audit readiness project deliverables
  • Provide a bridge between auditors and management
  • Obtain auditor's requirements and develop schedules
  • New accounting pronouncements implementation
  • Technical accounting consultation
  • Accounting standards and transactions consultation
  • Internal controls design and implementation
  • Financial statements preparation
Valued Approach

Our audit readiness tools and techniques are developed from our financial statements and internal controls experience, which have provided a structured approach to each client's success.

Proven Experience

We are experienced in all aspects of accounting and auditing, including accounting software implementation and improvements. Our indepth understanding of the nuts and bolts of accounting systems will be leveraged for greater efficiencies.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Our solutions are client-focused and tailored to ensure the successful completion and smooth process of all audits.

Partnering With You

Our objective is to get our clients to pass their audits; and to reduce and or eliminate audit issues and management letter comments. In this role, we are not your auditors. We are your trusted business associate and partner to help you achieve this important goal and any compliance requirements. We are on the same team; however, we have the added advantage because we have worked as auditors. Some of the benefits of engaging us include:

  • Shortening the audit process timeline
  • Managing the audit process from start to finish
  • Reducing significant deficiencies and material weaknesses

Other Services Include

Financial statements preparation involves our professionals taking your financial data (e.g. trial balance) and preparing photo-finished GAAP-based financial statement in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework (e.g. FASB, GASB, IFRS, OCBOA etc.). This is technical skill which at times is unavailable within organizations. We offer this service to organizations because the preparation of the financial statements is responsibility of management and not the auditor.

A growing challenge for employers all over the world is finding the right accounting and audit talent. This is further complicated by the digital age where business requirements and needs, and also emerging roles, are changing. Our professionals have over 30 years of audit and accounting experience, and they remain technically and technologically relevant. We provide professionals to audit firms to join their team on various audit projects.

Accounting standards are constantly changing and the level of technical expertise required is constantly increasing. The challenges of recruiting and retaining excellent accounting talent as well as the opportunity cost involved in having an in-house accounting department cause businesses to retain third-party entities to be responsible for some or all of its accounting operations. We provide expert accounting support to our clients.

Our team of specialists has in-depth tax law knowledge and broad business experience, which provides our clients with reliable and practical advice. We emphasize planning and encourage frequent discussions to determine what actions can be taken to reduce your tax burden and plan for the future. We are equipped to help you navigate the rigors of the tax law and required compliance.

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