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  • Call us: (703) 828-2336
  • Mail US : info@mabstac.com
  • ADD US : Mabstac, LLC
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Financial Statements Preparation

Financial statements preparation involves our professionals taking your financial data (e.g. trial balance) and preparing photo-finished GAAP-based financial statement in ...

Audit Projects Support

A growing challenge for employers all over the world is finding the right accounting and audit talent. This is further ...

Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting standards are constantly changing and the level of technical expertise required is constantly increasing. The challenges of recruiting and ...

Tax Planning and Preparation

Our team of specialists has in-depth tax law knowledge and broad business experience, which provides our clients with reliable and ...

Audit Readiness

A first audit can be challenging. Most times this is only discovered when it becomes inefficient and internal resources are ...


Mabstac professionals provide a wide rage of advisory services, some of which include financial accounting advisory, process improvements, software implementation ...

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