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The Higher Education Industry

Serving private and public institutions across the country, our professionals understand the challenges facing schools and not-for-profits. Our deep experience provides our professionals with the ability to identify valuable insights to help leaders address the critical issues they face in a rapidly changing industry.

As a result of reduced government funding, many institutions of higher education have increased tuition and fees, leaving students and families scrambling to finance the cost of education. Meanwhile, the recent proliferation of online programs is changing the higher education competitive landscape, giving rise to new and complex regulations as well as compliance issues. Universities are well aware that falling into non-compliance can be one of the fastest ways to tarnish their reputations.

Cost continues to top the list of concerns for the President, Congress and the Public.

Experience and Solutions

We become familiar with all aspects of each client and its environment in order to be effective and provide quality services to our clients. Whether its be audit, accounting, tax or advisory, a complete understanding of the entity is essential. We are able to offer timely solutions to your challenges because our employees remain connected with clients throughout the year. Our professionals will be seen, they will listen, and provide the necessary interconnections which drive successful outcomes.

Whether you’re looking to expand internationally or need help with IT security, you won’t have to face your challenges alone. You can rely on a trusted adviser with deep experience serving a wide range of institutions of higher education.

Our professionals have served several higher education clients, including:

  • Private and public colleges and universities
  • College and university foundations
  • College athletics
  • For-profit business ventures
  • Federal, state, local and other grants
  • Research facilities
  • Other higher education ventures

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