Great Coach!

After 10 years in public accounting and one unsuccessful attempt at the CPA exams, I overheard a conversation from my cubicle. It was a colleague requesting Mr. Blair to start a CPA review class. Upon hearing that request I chimed in with my request to be a part of the class. Approximately one year later, I was a CPA. I also have a new career as a CPA that I enjoy.

This instructor is very committed to success and his teaching style is superb. In addition, the classes are much smaller than those with very popular names, which give students more interaction and personal attention. His in-depth knowledgeable and experience in each subject area are the assets you need to master the CPA exams. His review course outlines a clear plan to be successful; all that is required is your willingness to make the sacrifice and be committed.

I have one simple advice for anyone planning to take this review class, practice, practice, practice!

Thank you Mr. Blair

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