Our CPA Review Programs have been redesigned to meet the requirements of the 2017 and 2018 CPA Exam changes. We have invested hundreds of hours to create new class materials and questions, with one primary objective, to get you passed. We have organized three CPA Review Programs which give candidates preparation options as we believe all candidates can pass the CPA Exam.

Our programs include a comprehensive pre-assessment, learning path and study planner, in-depth lectures, working through 100% of questions in text, and progress and mock-styled exams for re-assessment. As CPA’s who have taken the exams, we know the level of effort and time required to pass the CPA Exam, and therefore, have organized the following CPA review programs to get you passed. Enroll now and let’s work together for your success.

Testimonial: “When I think of the opportunity afforded me and the role you played in making it possible, I am thankful. Your nights, your Sundays, your encouragements and scoldings, I will always appreciate. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Thank you for all your thoughtful ways, you give from the heart.”

– Janice Walters CPA, Internal Audit Manager, PGCPS


CPA Exam Review Programs


Sessions held based on agreement

Email, phone and chat support

0% payment plans

Study planner and course diagnostic



Session conducted once a year (summer). 100+ hours of face-to-face class sessions per course.

Email, phone and chat support

0% payment plans

Class planner and course diagnostic

Pre-recorded lectures and practice sessions

8000+ MCQs and 400 TBS, including AICPA released questions

Recorded class lectures and practice sessions

PRICE VARIES PER COURSE/EVENT, Call 703-828-2336 for more details